ANPD - National Authority for People with Disabilities
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Ensure the mobility of persons with disabilities in Romania and Europe

Cyprus (


1. A 50% discount on the bus fare for persons with disabilities and their personal assistant*¹

2. Priority to use seats

Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works
28 Acheon str., 1424 Nicosia

Tel: 22800100

Italy (

The European Disability Card provides access to a transport benefit system and access to cultural heritage.

This ensures access to public transport systems operating in Italy, acces to the main museums and monuments present in the country, entrance to major sports facilities (stadiums and buildings), cinemas, theaters and venues and concert halls. 




   Calea Victoriei nr. 194, Sector 1, Bucure┼čti, CP 010097

   Phone: +(40)21-212-5442

  Fax: +(40)21-212-5443



   Latitude: 44.44828038259555
         Longitude: 26.08943939208983


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