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European Disability Card - No Barriers Through Europe!



General objective: Facilitate the transnational mobility through issuing the EU Disability Card for the Romanian persons with disabilities and recognition of the associated benefits in Romania for the persons with disabilities from other participants Member States.


Specific objectives:

- Defining benefit packages to be mutually recognized and accepted

- Prepare the organizational framework and procedures for the "European Disability Card" program to become operational in Romania

- Issuing 50,000 cards as a pilot stage

- Promoting and disseminating card benefits at national and European level for people with disabilities

- Creating a network for people with disabilities and providers to share information about card benefits to owners

- Proposal legislation to include the European Disability Card Program in social services for people with disabilities



A1. Project Management

A2. Promotion and dissemination - publicity campaign

A3. Organizational and procedural set up for making operational the EU Disability Card in Romania

A4. Test run and evaluation

A5. Final development of procedures and law proposal

A6. Final evaluation


The project is expected to lead to:
A defined organizational framework and procedures for making the EU Disability Card program operational at national level, national package of benefits agreed, mutual recognition of the national benefits, 50000 cards issued by request to the Romanian persons with disabilities, one information campaign at national level, a formalized network among the providers and the main applicant, a law proposal as a follow up of the test runs and evaluation for defining the national procedures and legal responsibilities related to the EU Disability Card program.





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